Portrait Creation

A relationship of trust must be established.  Getting to know you is very important and at our first meeting we’ll spend about an hour getting acquainted.  Reference photos in various poses will be taken, possible some sketches and suggestions made as to composition and colors. Your best interests are served by your input in selecting your pose, lighting, clothing and background setting. You will be intently listened to.  You’ll find me perceptive and sensitive to your thoughts as we collaborate to design your portrait. Our first meeting may take place at your home or in my studio.

Capturing your essence and spirit is what I’ll strive to do.  Revealing your soul in your portrait is our goal, instead of a photographic copy that may mask your personality. The camera takes an image of everything, only a moment in time.   Accenting your positives and diminishing any negative is part of the process.  There is a large difference between realism and photo-realism and if you like, I’ll be glad to discuss it with you. I only work from photos taken by me except when a portrait is a surprise, posthumous, or distance is an issue.

In my studio, I begin developing the portrait through drawings and color studies. I prepare a rendering of the proposed portrait. Your are invited to comment on this preliminary work for discussion. With your full approval, I will begin the final painting and have it finished by a promised time (less than a month).

After you receive your painting, I will not make major changes. I will agree to minor adjustments only after you have had the painting over two weeks. You’ll be able to communicate with me directly to lessen the chance for misunderstanding.