Landscape Paintings

Landscapes by Allan Crain, Kentucky ArtistCreating a pleasant, interesting, memorable scene is a satisfying accomplishment.  Painting pastoral scenes with sunsets, skies, water, trees, and structures give a sense of harmony and tranquility. 

Do you have a photo of a special place with special meaning that you have visited? That special scene can be recreated, composed and embellished into a work of art.  

Are you especially proud of your present home or the home you were born and raised in?  Perhaps the home you raised your children in would make a wonderful painting with flowers, trees and bushes in bloom.  Pleasant memories can last forever in a painting.  Commissioned Homestead Paintings are very popular for those leaving their homestead and/or farm after many years.  These cherished memories become precious family keepsakes.

Painting pastoral scenes with a combination of what my eyes see and what my mind envisions offers me a result that provides a great sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and a personal feeling of peace. I hope you enjoy the paintings.  I’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Contact me if you would like to see more landscape paintings, or if you would like to commission a painting of your own property or home.