Portraits by Allan

"Kylah" 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas by Danville, KY Artist Allan Crain

"Kylah" 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas by Danville, KY Artist Allan CrainPortrait Painting

In the past only society’s elite could have portraits made. It was a long process where the person being painted would have to sit for hours, days and perhaps weeks for the artist to capture their likeness. John Singer Sargent’s portraits cost an equivalent of $250,000 when they were painted. The Portfolio features four portraits I’ve painted that were inspired by Sargent in the late 1800s.

A portrait is a personalized piece of fine art. Photographs tend to lose their color and become damaged in time while oil paintings when properly cared for will last generations.

Do you have a special moment, tried to capture it, only to have it come out blurry or too light? Portrait art can fix that. Perhaps your grandparents or parents have reached a time in life where they seem to have everything. A commissioned painting of them would grant them posterity or would a hand-painted portrait of you and/or your children be a gift treasured by them?

A commissioned portrait is a significant undertaking.  Representative painting is a fine art combining composition, posing, lighting, color and brush skills.  Varying degrees of complexity may be involved depending on the client’s subjects, wishes and budget.

Reaching into the soul of the subject and translating it onto the canvas is the essence of portraiture, merely capturing a likeness is insufficient. Your face should be the center of attention with particular focus placed on the eyes, facial expression, skin tone and hair.  Please review the portraits in my portfolio to obtain an understanding of my emphasis and style.

Life-sized portraits from the waist up or head and shoulder paintings are my preferred poses.  Painting elaborate clothing, full body scenes involving other objects and/or landscaping in portraits.  Your money and our time will be better spent focusing on the character and soul of the subject.

Many clients want group portraits and I’ll be glad to discuss the pros and cons. As years go by, who keeps the group painting may be a problem.  My preference is to paint individual portraits of the children that they may have later in life.

Please refer to “How Your Portrait is Created” and “Pricing Your Commissioned Portrait” for more in-depth information.

I do have classic paintings inspired by John Singer Sargent for purchase.  Please see my portfolio.  These are not exact copies, but interpretations of his work.